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Deep Cleansing of skin


If we talk about skin care, face cleansers are the most specific people get focused on. There are endless soaps, face washes, cleansers available and we need to opt the best one for our skin. Is it necessary that the face wash or soap that suits a celebrity or any of your friends is good for you as well. In advertisements we see actresses promoting a product and claiming it to be the best for all. Keeping them aside, as users we have to be aware about our skin tone and the right product for our skin. First and the most important thing is to understand that no one is perfect and we all have different requirement as per our skin tone and concern. One may have oily skin causing pimples and other may have excess dry skin needing moisture. One may want remove excess tan and other may need to work on skin darkening. Let’s have a look on type of face washes that can help in fighting related skin concerns.

Oily skin- Majority of the people knows well how difficult it is to deal with oily skin. This is so as it is not alone and is accompanied with issues of acnes, pimples and blackheads. Hence it is quite necessary to invest with care in a good cleanser. One should pick the product keeping in mind the skin tone and ingredient that fights oily skin in a best way. There are multiple products marketed for oily skin. Read the ingredients if they actually caries the one that fights oil and bacteria. Mistakenly people chose the brand instead of opting the product.

Ingredients for oily skin- Neem, Tulsi, Tea Tree, Lemon, Clay soil, orange peel, Oatmeal, Apple cider vinegar, Besan, Turmeric.

Any of the above or mixture of the products works well on oily skin especially on skin having acnes and pimples. One can find them in face washes or can make face packs using the ingredients. One should definitely wash the face at least twice a day for deep cleansing.

Dry skin- Almost each one of us face the issue of dry skin in winters. There it is we are most concerned about of our skin and try to keep it moisturised with multiple moisturisers. Dry skin is utterly uncomfortable and there is lack of healthy shine due to missing natural skin oils. It feels rough, scratchy and regular itching is too terrible. Obviously we use moisturisers to overcome these issues but Face washes and soaps play an important role in keeping the skin hydrated from inside. Using a face wash that is more suitable on oily skin will make a dry skin even more worst. Hence know your face wash and ingredients that keeps the skin hydrated and moisturised.

Ingredients for Dry Skin- Cucumber, Aloevera, Petroleum jelly, coconut, olive oil, Almond, Shea butter or cocoa butter, Avocado, Milk, Fruit face wash.

Overnight treatments are most recommended for dry skin. One can clean the face wash using toners or face wash and then apply a good moisturiser or aloevera gel or serum for deep skin hyderation.

Tanned skin- Skin tanning is one of the universal skin concern and no one could escape this whatever may be your skin type is. UV rays and hard water is major reason of skin tanning and if not treated well is accompanied with dark patches and damaged skin. Who doesn’t want a clear and glowing skin even in bright sun. Obviously it is impossible to escape from UV rays and hard water of oceans but one can always treat the damage caused. Most of the face washes available in market have the same ingredients as given below to fight tanning. One can also make scrubs and packs to have early effects.

Ingredients for Tanned skin- Lemon, Orange peel, Tomato, Besan, Turmeric, Aloevera, Yoghurt, Papaya, honey, Potato juice, Green tea, Multani mitti.

Deep cleansing with face wash having these ingredients and then deep moisture is important for tanned skin. Deep hydration is necessary for recovery of the damage done to the skin. Prevention is always better than cure. Hence it is necessary to use a good sunscreens prior to direct contact with UV rays and hard water.

Skin Brightening – This is important to understand that skin tone doesn’t define the word beauty. But a clear and brighter skin is the demand of each girl free from scars and dark spots. There are multiple brands that claims to lighter the skin tone by reducing the melanin of skin. There is no meaning of lightening the skin tone if you don’t have a charm and brightness on your face. There are multiple ingredients if used properly and regularly will not only lighten the skin tone but also add a glow and shine.

Ingredients for Skin Brightening- Citrus fruits like lemon, orange and amla, Licorice, Mulberry, Papaya, Turmeric, Vitamin A and B3, Bearberry, Rosewater, Sandalwood, Aloevera, Milk, Neroli oil.

We discussed multiple ingredients to work for skin concerns but one has to stay fit from inside to keep the skin healthy and glowing from outside. Regular exercises, Healthy diet, staying hydrated are few of the key factors having direct impact on skin. 



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